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Yevgeniy Postnikov: “ We will try to play with "Villarreal" in an organized manner. ”

Centre back of "Astana" Yevgeniy Postnikov in a conversation with the correspondent of the republican Internet portal Sports told us about confident victory over "Atyrau" in the national championship and about preparation for the match against the Spanish "Villarreal" in the European League.


— Yevgeniy, the beginning of the game did not foretell that the match would end with such a large score?

— In the beginning, the game was equal. We controlled the ball, rivals had some opportunities. And then we scored twice, started to play - and the opponent did not have a chance to win. I think the fans liked the game.


— To break the "Astana" left, leading the score 3: 0. In the locker room Stanimir Stoilov did not say something like: "Play for fun!"?

— No, the head coach, on the contrary, said that all of us should be concentrated, play organized, compact, and that we can not relax.


— So it was just a match or by the level "Atyrau" at the moment is noticeably weaker than "Astana"?

— I will not say that Atyrau is a weak team. They have good players. We just played great today, a lot happened. It's good that they materealized their moments.


— How do you assess the odds in the upcoming game with Villarreal?

— We will see. The trainers will do the analysis, study the game of the opponent, and from this point we will start.


— Three years ago "Astana" has already met with "Villarreal". What memories are left of those matches? At that time, Astana has not been ready yet to compete with the Spanish club?

— That time we did not have the European cup experience, which is now. We were in the beginning of the way, reached playoffs round of the League of Europe. In those matches, "Villarreal" turned out to be stronger than we were, and the Spanish deservedly passed on.


— Now will everything be different??

— We will hope for this. We will try to play more organized.


— Looking back - is there no regret that it did not turn out to break into the group stage of the UEFA Champions League? Especially - you, given the events of the first meeting with the "Celtic".

— It is clear that I wanted to get into the Champions League - this is the most prestigious tournament in Europe. Maybe somewhere we did not deserve. Although played well at home. t The first match decided a lot.


— After the defeat in Glasgow, they talked a lot about the fact that you made mistakes that led to missed goals. What was the cause - the excitement? Playing at a stadium like Celtic Park, it is hard for everyone.

— I would not say that the excitement ... It happened. There were mistakes. On the contrary, such games should make the team more cohesive. Everybody make mistakes. Do not look for guilty. We are a team, and together we are responsible for the result.


— Was the pause connected with the matches of the national teams beneficial?

— Personally, I believe that yes. Relaxed in a psychologic way, changed the situation - and today they went hungry for football and had such a good match. 




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