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Registration of family duathlon participants in Astana continues

How to become a member of the family duathlon in Astana, you can find out on elordasport.kz website, says media center of Astana akimat.

"Each family living in Astana, as well as from other cities, can become members of the family duathlon. You can register on our site elordasport.kz, as well as at the place of the duathlon before the beginning at 09:00 am on September 10" - explained Azamat Imashev, the head of the directorate for sporting events of Astana akimat, in an interview with the media center correspondent..

According to his words, at present about 30 families have applied for participation in the competitions. However, registration of participants in the family competition is still ongoing.

"The family duathlon is held for the second time, so we have a lot of people wishing to take part in it. At the moment there are 30 families registered, but we think that on the day of the competition we will have much more who will want to register. Last year we had 80 families" - Imashev said.

Earlier it was reported that on September 10 in the capital triathlon park within the celebration of Family Day, the "Family Duathlon" competitions, dedicated to the EXPO, will be held. It will be attended by the fathers, mothers and children, who will compete in two types of sport: running and cycling.

The family team will have to overcome the distance of 4 km 300 m in total. The fathers of the family will run a distance of 2 km, then the baton will be passed to the mothers who will travel the same distance on the bike, the smallest participants of the competition - the children - will run 300 meters.

Children can participate in competitions in age categories from 9 to 11 and from 12 to 14 years. The presence of own bicycle for members of the family duathlon is obliged.


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