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Fans recognized Twumasi’s goal to "Celtic’s" gate the best in August

There was a voting for determination the best goal in August in the official group of the football club "Astana" Vkontakte.

         Astana residents scored 8 goals in the last summer month, although two of them were recorded on the players of the opposing team. But if Zenkovich killed the ball after service, and this is an own goal did not participate in interrogation, then Dmitry Shomko’s goal "Celtic’s" gate, we decided to still include in the survey.

According to the results of the vote, in which more than 4,500 people took part. 36% of whom gave their votes to Patrick Twumasi’s goal to the Scottish "Celtic", when the Ghanaian, having received the ball from Junior Kabananga, made a solo passage and shot into the near corner of Craig Gordon’ gate.

        Second place in interrogation took another goal to the gate of the multiple champion of Scotland - this time in the performance of Serikzhan Muzhikov. The midfielder of the Kazakhstan team played ahead of the opponent's penalty after the Srgjan Grahovac’s handoff.

        And the top three in interrogation closed one more Tvumasi’s goal in the playoffs of the Champions League. This time, the forward of "Astana" responded to handoff from the flank in Dmitry Shomko’s performance and the head beat the goalkeeper.

TOP-5 of interrogation:

1. The second Tvumasi’s goal to "Celtic’s" gate 36%

2. Muzhikov’s goal to "Celtic’s" gate 19,6%

3. The first Tvumasi’s goal to "Celtic’s" gate 14,2%

4. Tgybergen’s goal to "Ordabasy’s" gate 13,9%

5. Shomko’s goal to "Celtic’s" gate 9,7%

Total: 4 574 people voted.




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