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Kazakhstan - Montenegro 0:3. What the “Borodets”!

Kazakhstan squad in the qualifying round match of the 2018 World Cup in Astana lost to the team of Montenegro — 0:3. 

The meeting, from which little was waiting for the fans, after all, after the team was headed by Alexander Borodyuk, ше lost even some hints at the positive outcomes and only loses time after time.

The starting line-up of the Kazakhstani people did not cause special questions, it had changes, but the main players, with the exception of the disqualified Bauyrzhan Islamkhan, were on the field. From the first minutes, the hosts rushed forward, but something significant could not create. Guests performed a free kick, after which the ball bounced into the center of the penalty area to Stefan Jovetić, who was beaten by David Loria. Fatos Bechiraj ran out to a rendezvous with Loria, but Dmitry Shomko arrived in time. Ostensibly the Montenegrins were acting, almost immediately unraveling the entire defense of the Kazakhs, finding the weak spots. Bechirai ran into the penalty area in the zone of Akhmetov, but at the last moment the defender of "Kairat" overtook him. Rapid replacement occurred in the 17th minute, Georgy Zhukov was replaced by Maksat Baizhanov. After filing a corner shot at the goal of Daniel Petkovic Akhmetov, the goalkeeper took the "round". Canopy with a free kick in the performance of the guests and Marco Simic hit his head almost fell into the distant "nine". Shomko fired from a distance above the gate, and in response followed a dangerous free kick. Next, Marco Veshovic intercepted the transfer on the opponent's side and went into the penalty area, beating Loria - 0: 1. The hosts after that tried to seize control of the ball, the pitch from Gafurzhan Suyumbayev in the penalty box ended with a blow to the crossbar of Islambek Kuat, this, perhaps, was the most dangerous moment for Kazakhstan.

After the break, the teams came out in a fighting spirit, no one was going to sit on the defensive. Roman Murtazaev made his way to the left and rolled onto the penalty line of Islambek Kuat, he hit the sky. Islambek Kuat missed another point, from the slaughter situation without hitting the gate at close range. Violation of the rules in the center of the field from Baizhanov, followed by a penalty, a canopy and the remaining one in the center Bechirai sent the ball head under the crossbar - 0: 2. The Kazakhstanis went ahead, created the moments, but there was simply nobody to score, and on the defensive today was not the best game. Marco Simic finished off the hosts, scoring the third goal - 0: 3. It's hard to say what's the matter, in addition to the fact that the team has a clear bad luck with the arrival of the Russian coach Alexander Borodyuk to the post of head coach, in the desire after all none of our players lost to opponents, and earlier draws with Poland and Romania were, and it says already a lot. The ending of the meeting was militant, there were still forces, but nothing changed, unfortunately, they lost again, but we do not get used to it...

September 4, Kazakhstani people in Warsaw will play with Poland.

Kazakhstan - Montenegro 0:3 (0:1)
 Veshovic 31 (0:1), Bechiraj 53 (0:2), Simich 63 (0:3)
CautrionsNurgaliyev 21, Bayzhanov 52, Muzhikov 74 — Simich 43
KazakhstanLoriya, Kuat, Akhmetov, Zhukov (Bayzhanov 17), Muzhikov, Nurgaliyev (Turisbek 62), Murtazauev, Suyumbayev (Tagibergen 85), Shomko, Beysebekov, Logvinenko
Montenegro: Petkovich, Vukchevich, Tomashevich, Veshovich, Yankovich, (Zverotich 72), Bechiraj (Mugosha 84),Savich, Kosovich (Ivanich 54), Simich, Marushich
Meet chairman: Sebastien Delferere (Belgium)
September 1. Astana. «Astana Arena». 



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