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Kazakhstan - Latvia 1: 1. Something is missing again, or the reality is

Kazakhstan national team in a match of the League of Nations in Astana played a draw with the team of Latvia - 1:1

The Kazakhstani team has already lost all chances to get out of the group, nevertheless, it had to prove to the fans that it was worth something, and for this it was necessary to defeat Latvia, since three points in a duel with Andorra were not convinced.

The starting lineup of the owners did not cause big questions, there were replacements for the injured number, Nenad Erich took the place at the gate, and Bauyrzhan Turysbek played in the attack. From the first minutes the home team went ahead, trying to score. In the 12th minute Valery Shabala ran into the penalty area and tried to throw Erich, the ball flew above the crossbar. Bauyrzhan Islamkhan from a good position on the penalty shot and did not hit the gate, Serikzhan Muzhikov's long-range strike flew into the hands of goalkeeper Andris Vanin. The hosts continued to pound from afar, but it did not bring success. Islamkhan began to beat more precisely and in one of the moments brought problems to Vanin. For some time, the actions were not so dangerous and came to life only for the ending, when Kazakhstan went ahead again and achieved his goal, Gafurzhan Suyumbayev fired powerfully into the bottom corner - 1: 0. Islamkhan from the center of the penalty could increase the gap, but did not hit the target, while Arthur Karashauskas hit the crossbar and pulled Erich, summing it up in the first half.

The start of the second half was for the guests, she marked the pressure and after the corner Denis Raquel shot Erich's gate - 1:1. Kazakhstan went ahead, again the long-range attacks of Islamkhan and Murtazaev, from which there was little sense. I went to a fairly open football, both teams could have scored goals, the hosts had more chances, but the opponent obviously relied on the counterattack. The Latvian mentor had already made all three substitutions when Stanimir Stoilov decided to release Alexei Shchetkin instead of the passive Turysbek, and then Maxim Fedin went to Murtazaev’s place. Problems in the attack affected and the hosts could not score, although they tried very hard, but this was not enough. 1: 1 is a draw.

On November 19, Kazakhstan will play on the road with Georgia.
Kazakhstan - Latvia 1: 1 (1: 0)

Goals: Suyumbayev 37 (1: 0), Raquel 49 (1: 1)

Kazakhstan: Erich, Suyumbayev, Maly, Logvinenko, Beisebekov, Zhukov, Islamkhan, Muzhikov, Zainutdinov (Tungyshbaev 87), Murtazaev (Fedin 80), Turysbek (Schetkin 74)

Latvia: Vanin, Maksimenko, Dubra, Gabov, Shabala (Ikaunieks 72), Karashausk (Rugins 62), Isaev, Gypsy (Savalnieks 49), Raquel Tarasov, Yagodinsky

Head Judge: Jens Moe (Denmark)

15th of November. Astana. Astana Arena.

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